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Biaxial tracking systems


The subsidiary sonnen_systeme Projektgesellschaft mbH is one of the leading providers of biaxial tracked photovoltaic systems worldwide.

With the aim of maximising the use of solar energy we have developed products that are characterised by above-average precision, efficiency and quality. The astronomic control, designed in exclusive cooperation with SMA Solar Technology AG, of our sonnen_systems ensures the optimum alignment of the solar generators at all times of the day. The rotation of the systems is based on a process that nature had thousands of years to perfect: the movement of sunflowers following the sun.



Precision, Efficiency, Flexibility


The highly precise operating tracking systems enable stable and predictable solar power yields which lie up to 45% above the yields of fixed installations. This efficiency is increased even further by multi_use. The area beneath the sonnen_systems can also be utilised, for example, as a useable area for agriculture, as parking, for animal husbandry or the creation of a natural habitat.

sonnen_systeme Projektgesellschaft mbH also offers direct sales to system partners and complete turnkey solutions for solar parks. Numerous photovoltaic power stations on four continents are already operating with the company's premium systems.




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