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Whatever your vehicle washing needs, we can join with you in a profitable partnership by applying the power of our minds to the situation and finding the best wash solutions together.


Our main objective is your customer satisfaction, since this has a significant impact on market prices and customer loyalty; high market prices call for high-quality wash results, as quality-conscious customers demand value for money. Advanced cleaning methods, together with tailored wash programs, enable our machines to produce outstanding wash results in every category and even under extreme cleaning conditions.

Managed by entrepreneurs and with a wealth of international knowledge and experience, Tammermatic has been developing, producing and marketing vehicle wash machines since 1966. Tammermatic has delivered vehicle wash systems to 70 countries and has a presence in every continent. The challenges of operating worldwide installations, combined with the unique and harsh washing conditions in the Nordic countries, have been the major factors in the development of Tammermaticís present, state-of-the-art car wash product range.











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