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Individual planning and consultation

No solar installation is the same as another. Each project of Kirchner Solar Group is completed alongside specific circumstances. Issues that have an effect on the planning include, for example, the alignment and static requirement of a roof, possible sources of shade or the regional solar irradiation values.

The suitability of a private or commercial roof area can be determined by a non-binding site visit. As part of this our colleagues can clarify the suitability of the roof and work out a design for the future installation. An initial estimate of the anticipated yields of the installation is even possible at this time. Subsequently a detailed project quotation will be issued on request.

Focus on quality

Solar power is a major step in the direction of an energy revolution. Increasingly more people regard photovoltaics as a worthwhile investment and reliable form of retirement provision. Since this investment is often one of the biggest purchases in life, the focus should be on the long-term reliable and trouble-free operation of the solar installation.

For this reason Kirchner Solar Group sets the bar of its quality demands at the highest level. Premium-quality components and diligent installation and aftercare form the basis for excellent photovoltaics.

In particular, the many years of experience held by our company and its employees ensures that our work has a high degree of quality and efficiency. This benefits our customers and their project and guarantees the long-term successful operation of the solar installation.


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